The Masonic Order

Are Mason allow to talk about Religion and Politics in a Lodge?

No. It is not appropriate to discuss religion and politics in a Masonic lodge, as Masonry is non-sectarian and non-political. Masonry is a fraternity focused on the spiritual and moral development of its members, not a platform for political or religious debate.

Masonry is a fraternity that aims to foster brotherly love, relief, and truth among its members. Part of this mission is to promote peace and harmony among men, no matter their differences in religion or political beliefs. For this reason, it is not appropriate to discuss religion or politics in a Masonic lodge. This is not to say that Masons cannot have different beliefs or opinions, but rather that these beliefs and opinions should not be discussed in the lodge. Doing so can create tension and conflict among members, which goes against the core values of the fraternity. Instead, Masons should focus on the common ground between them and emphasize their shared values of brotherly love, relief, and truth, which are the foundation of the fraternity.